I Only Washed My Hair With a Shampoo Bar for One Week, and I’ve Officially Converted

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I also tested out Lush’s Seanik Shampoo Bar ($12), and while it lathered just as well, my hair didn’t have the same bouncy volume that it got from the Jumping Juniper bar.

I opted to test out their Jumping Juniper Shampoo Bar ($12), which is formulated for greasy, oily hair.

Since Lush’s shampoo bars last for up to 80 washes, I don’t think I’ll need to restock anytime soon — but when the time comes, you can bet I’m opting for another packaging-free shampoo bar.

At first, I worried the shampoo bar might leave my hair feeling soapy.

At first glance, I was intrigued: Lush’s shampoo bars are completely free of packaging, but you can buy a small tin ($4) to store them for travel.

Still, I feel guilty about the plastic bottles that my usual formula comes in — so I decided it was time to finally try shampoo bars.

If they could get my hair just as clean as liquid shampoo, my dilemma would be resolved.

After rubbing it for less than five seconds, I had plenty of suds to shampoo my hair.

For my first foray into the world of shampoo bars, I chose Lush.

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