‘Little Fires Everywhere’ Is the Only Show You Need to Watch This Week

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But that, Witherspoon says, is where the similarities end. “It feels like apples and oranges to me once you get to the end of Little Fires Everywhere, so just watch,” she tells Glamour of the Hulu series, which is based on Celeste Ng’s 2017 bestseller about two very different families in the seemingly picture-perfect suburb of Shaker Heights, Ohio. “Obviously the main similarity is exploring the inner lives of women and how they really feel.

Speaking of the ’90s, the show goes to great lengths to accurately portray fashion and beauty standards as they existed before the turn of the century. “We really tried to strike a balance in the production design and wardrobe design so that it felt real without feeling campy,” Washington says. “We didn't want you to think we we were having a ’90s costume party.

As for the show, Witherspoon and Washington can’t wait to see what conversations the series will provoke. “Part of our instinct as human beings is to evaluate and judge others, and that’s part of the experience of watching this,” Witherspoon says. “It’s going, Am I like them? Or, Am I like her?

Witherspoon’s costar and co-executive producer, Kerry Washington, agrees. “I guess there are similarities in terms of ideas around class and being a mother, but I do think these stories are so unique,” she tells Glamour. “There is a danger in conflating all stories about motherhood as being the same thing.

Just the fact that the scene exists at all is important to Witherspoon. “I haven’t even really seen that on television before, but it’s a right of passage of certain cultures, and this family in particular,” Witherspoon says. “There’s so much around the way women present themselves and [ideas about] beauty that is so engrained and generational.

It’s also why Washington thinks you should wait to read Ng’s book until after you finish the TV series. “They are different enough,” she explains. “We’ve made enough small changes that it could be confusing to read it and watch at the same time.

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