Nordstrom's Spring Sale Has Some Ridiculously Good Beauty Deals

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In fact, it's the only lipstick our contributor Halie LeSavage wears. “This natural, tawny pink always goes on smooth and, somehow, hydrates my lips,” she says. “It’s low-key enough to wear to meetings or appointments, but the buildable tone can look 'done' enough for drinks after work.

Despite the fact that shopping can certainly be a stress reliever, while you're social-distancing inside it's the perfect time to give some new beauty products a try.

It has a huge following, including Gwyneth Paltrow and Glamour's culture director Mattie Kahn. “A few drops sinks in within minutes, leaves behind a subtle sheen better than tinted moisturizer and bronzer together, and makes my face feel like it doesn’t need makeup, or even a particularly good night's sleep, to look its best,” she says.

This lightweight foundation is well-loved by celebrities and makeup artists alike. “Luminous Silk has never let me down,” says celebrity makeup artist Brigitte Reiss-Andersen, who works with Margaret Qualley and Alison Brie. “It doesn’t add any extra dryness to your skin, and it goes on smoothly.

This one comes pretty damn close, since it drys, curls, and smooths your hair with minimal effort depending on which of the included attachments you choose. (You can read our beauty editor's full review of it here.

Salicylic acid promotes exfoliation to keep acne and blackheads at bay while evening texture, and green tea soothes redness so you're left with even, glowing skin.

The fact that Dyson's just-launched flatiron is already on sale seems too good to be true, but it's real.

It's not just pretty packaging, Nécessaire's lotion is deeply moisturizing without being greasy or heavy, makes your skin feel like silk.

While it works on all hair types, our associate social media manager Brionna Jimerson particularly loves it for her natural hair. “I was able to straighten my hair in its natural state after just one (!!! ) pass,” she says. “That's bananas.

Take a peek into anyone on our beauty team's makeup bag, and you'll likely find one of these baby pink tubes.

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