This Aurora Australis Hair Color Is Just as Mesmerizing as the Real Thing

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In order to achieve such vibrant colors, Cheeseman says the hair needs to be lifted all the way to a light blonde shade, which might not be a reality for certain clients. "Depending on your hair-color history, this might not be doable [or] this might take several color service appointments," she says. "Be open with your stylist about your budget and your maintenance.

If you wind up with a similarly bright green, blue, or yellow hue, pay extra mind to the way you wash your hair and the product you use to do so. "I recommend a color-safe shampoo and conditioner, [and] I also recommend a co-wash to use most of the time," Cheeseman advises. "Limit your washings and make sure to use cooler water.

Cheeseman tells Allure that this client wanted a look inspired by one of her favorite World of Warcraft characters, resulting in this unique mix of colors. "We broke this process into two separate appointments," she explains. "[At] her first appointment, I lightened [then] gave her a shadow root and a deep conditioner; the second appointment was a few days later when I applied the finished result and took photos. " The two combined appointments took around 12 hours.

To do that, she used a coloring technique called magnetic melt so the black, dark blue, green, neon yellow, and white dyes blended seamlessly into one another. "I lay hair [sections] on top of each other and use the last section of hair I colored as my guide," she says.

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