The Two-Second, No-Heat Trick I Use to Add Volume to My Hair

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However, while trying to think of a fix, I remembered that years back when I was in gymnastics, my mom would style my hair in a ponytail all the way at the top of my head — and now, it's my go-to hack for getting the volume I want.

Every night before I put my head to rest, I tie my hair in a higher-than-high ponytail using a silk scrunchie (that way, I don't get a crease. ) Eight hours later, when I wake up, I shake my hair out and I have so much volume at my roots.

For a little bit of extra help, she also suggests spraying your roots with dry shampoo or a texture spray before pulling the hair up into the high ponytail, as this will give the hair some hold when you take it out.

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