15 Genius Products That'll Help You Get Better Sleep

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I can't say this bracelet has changed my life, however, I feel like I've been sleeping more soundly and haven't been waking up in the middle of the night or super early in the morning which what mostly happens to me.

The tiny Whish Sound Machine has so many options, but the rain setting is my favorite—since it's actually calming, unlike sleep apps I've tried over the years.

This cutting-edge memory foam pillow changed my sleep situation for the better, and I've honestly never felt more refreshed and free of bed head. —T. A.

I've been trying to make some eco-friendly swaps in my home, and have been eyeing the Avocado Green Mattress for the last few weeks.

Something about the way this heavy material enveloped made me feel like I was being held by a boyfriend, which is exactly what I need right now, seeing as how I'm single as hell.

From the softest pajamas ever to a life-changing weighted blanket, here's all the stuff that's reminding us what a real night's sleep feels like.

To help ease me into sleep, I'll drop some into a warm shower before bed. —S. S.

I've been eyeing these ones from Homesick for my nightstand because they are my mood right now, and because they're cute but not too expensive.

But before social distancing and supermarket scrambles became our new normal, Glamour editors spent the better half of the month discovering all of the products you need to get more sleep.

I'm already the proud mother of a big White Bird of Paradise plant, so now I’m adding this baby vining plant to my bedroom to give it company.

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