17 Dry Shampoos That Actually Make Your Hair Feel Clean

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It’s so expensive that it really does feel like tapping gold flakes in my hair, but the bottle lasts an incredibly long time, and it’s much better for the environment than an aerosol dry shampoo.

I’m obsessed with Hair Food’s coconut dry shampoo, not only because it’s paraben-, sulfate- and dye-free, but because it smells like the beach.

I think that’s because it feels magical rather than chemical—I lightly tap the gold bottle above my roots, wait a few minutes, brush the powder out, and it’s as if there’s a perpetual Instagram filter on my hair.

It can bring oily and lifeless hair back to life, but it’s hard to find one that doesn’t leave white residue in your hair.

The foam is really fun to use, and after rubbing just a dab through my hair, it feels clean and bouncy. (Hot tip: It helps to blast your hair with a dryer to get the full oil-sopping benefits. ) The jasmine and rose scent is also super sophisticated for a drugstore product. —B. C.

My scalp is about as oily as my face, which is to say it’s extremely oily. I can shower at 8 a. m. , and by noon my fresh blowout already looks and feels like second-day hair.

I love this dry shampoo for its ability to sop up grease, but also for its dry-styling hacks, like spraying it into fine hair before braiding for extra grip and working it into roots to add texture so a red-carpet updo lasts through the night.

I’m trying to protect my baby blond by not washing my hair everyday, but my scalp still gets pretty oily after one day of skipping a shower. Enter this guy.

I’ve got super-fine, super-oily hair, so I’m extremely picky about the dry shampoo I use.

It’s powdery but not white-casting, and absorbent in all the right ways, and it gives my third-day hair a just-from-the-salon look. —L. S.

Scroll on for the best dry shampoo formulas for all hair types, and get ready to stretch out your wash days.

The coolest thing about it is you can customize it for your hair type so it’s exactly what you need. —B. C.

That’s why I love this dry shampoo, which is ideal for greasy hair.

It can extend a blowout for days, bring life to limp hair, and make it look as if you’ve actually showered when you’re simply too lazy to wash your hair (no judgment).

My hairstylist says I have miracle hair because I use a flatiron every day and it’s still not fried. I owe it all to Batiste.

It has a superfine mist, so it feels as though there’s absolutely no product in my hair, and as the name suggests, it soaks up all the oil to perk up my hair.

The powder formula soaks up all grease in a snap, and leaves my hair looking clean and fluffy.

They can be sticky, weigh hair down, or leave a white cast that more closely resembles dandruff than freshly washed hair.

And when I’m stressed because I don’t have time to wash my hair, at least I can feel like I’m somewhere tropical in the process. —J. R.

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