5 Things TikTok Star Mahogany Lox Cannot Live Without When Working From Home

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One way Mahogany does this is by using multi-purpose products like coconut oil: "I use it every day to take my makeup off and I feel like it really hydrates my skin and keeps it healthy and glowy.

When I first received the news that we were to work from home, I grabbed all my initial needs from the grocery store: hair conditioner, bread, eggs, and snacks on snacks on snacks.

I love how [it] glides on my lips with no stickiness and makes me feel cute – even on my no makeup days, it’s perfect for that little extra something something.

We’re also not the only ones navigating these uncertain times; even influencers like Mahogany Lox, who has garnered over 6. 4 million TikTok followers, are working from home.

Social distancing has definitely disrupted our routines and with many working from home it can be easy to mesh the worlds of career and personal life.

For me, I try to balance out the scarier news with content that I know will make me feel good — and that’s where Lox comes in on TikTok.

Mahogany affirms that guilty pleasure in all of us by offering up some of her recommendations: "I love listening to all the 90’s/early 2000s song playlists on Spotify," she said.

"I’ve been a fan of NYX for a while and was super excited to be part of their #ButterGlossPop TikTok campaign since the Butter Gloss is one of my go-tos.

With most people staying home and social distancing, the need to do a full hair routine has lessened these last two weeks.

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That’s why I asked Lox for a list of things that bring her joy while working remotely — from hype-up songs to products she loves. Here’s what she said.

TikTok has been on the front lines of keeping us informed and full of laughter.

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