How Allure Editors Are Staying Busy and Calm While Working Remotely

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I've also been getting into new shows and trying out different recipes to challenge myself while I have the extra time. "Doing my own makeup has almost always been my special way of unplugging from the world and getting to know myself better.

I've also been FaceTiming with friends who are also working from home a lot, so it feels like I have a buddy close by. "Just when I think I've lost interest in extraction videos, having a little extra time indoors is basically the equivalent of a tiny goblin on my shoulder, saying, 'Do it.

During all of this, I'm trying to maintain my everyday lifestyle — just under quarantine. I get up at 8 a. m. , do a morning workout (there are so many good ones on IG right now! ), shower, make my tea, and sit on my balcony to start my day, writing. "I've weirdly been finding a lot of comfort in reading sci-fi novels about pandemics and the apocalypse.

I've also been watching Kayla Itsiness Instagram workout videos, which are free and great for anyone because no equipment is needed. "I've been baking a ton and watching a lot of anime because I find both really soothing.

And for the looks I end up loving, I'll have access to great daylight for taking unashamed selfies. "I'm doing a lot of meditation, renting movies, and when I feel like it, holding personal dance parties.

I also started an Instagram account for people to send me photos if they want to get all dressed up from the comfort of their home, because getting dressed up and staying in is the new thing. "I've started to deep-clean and sort through my makeup collection.

However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission. "I've always been a reader, but I don't think I've ever read more than a book or two in a week — with the exception of college, of course.

The Dream (hosted by journalist Jane Marie) is about the wellness industry in general — specifically the parts of it that are just a massive scam — that I think is extra important in a time when we're all trying to figure out how to stay mentally and physically well. "The news is overwhelming and living by myself makes everything feel scary and isolating.

That, and I'm just adding more books to my Kindle library. "I've been staying at home as much as possible, only going out to walk my dog and get essentials when I need.

Being able to curl up on the couch, zone out, and escape into a fiction fantasyland is one of the few ways I'm getting through this very scary time we're all living in.

And now that I'm distancing myself from the world, it's the perfect time to dive right into my beauty drawers and try all the out-there looks I've has bookmarked on Instagram for months.

While at home, I've been cooking up some weird stuff, live-streaming yoga classes, and obsessively collecting resources for people on a Google sheet.

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