I Tried Falscara, the Falsies You Apply Underneath Your Natural Lashes

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The application instructions the brand includes with each Falscara kit almost makes it sound too good to be true: Apply the bond to bare lashes, pluck each section of wispies from their tray using the special application tweezers, place them underneath the lashes near the baseline, then finish it all off with the brand's lash seal.

Gonzales's best application tip for Falscara newbies ended up saving me a whole lot of trial and error when trying this product for the first time. "Just to get the hang of it, I suggest placing the bond on the first half of the eye, place a couple [of lash sections], then move on to the other half," she explains.

According to makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, these aren't the first lashes of their kind — she likes to use a similar but admittedly expensive kit by Lashify — but the concept is one you're about to be seeing a lot more. "I think the concept of putting lashes under [the natural lashes] looks way more natural than putting them on top," she says.

Whereas lash glue is thick and sticky, Kiss's lash bond is black and fluid — applying it to the lashes is very similar to the way you'd apply mascara.

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