These Are the 12 Best Makeup Brush Cleaners to Try Now

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Holding up to six brushes at a time, the cleanser is ultimately a washing machine for your brushes, using a rotating mechanism (with soap and water) to whisk away makeup and grime without damaging the bristles of handles. The best part?

The definition of a one-stop-shop when it comes to cleaning your brushes, this mat is designed to suction to your sink while its seven different textures (each type of brush needs a different surface) deep-clean your brushes.

Perfect for on-the-go use (in case you forget one of your brushes and need to use one twice), or for a daily cleanse (as makeup artists suggest), these are a perfect solution for a water-free refresh whenever your brushes need one.

This innovative, instant brush cleaner (it’s used dry) removes powder pigment formulas from your brushes quickly and easily—you just swirl the brush around the coarse sponge—for your fastest application yet.

Besides removing grime and old makeup from your favorite brushes, this lasts-forever cleanser also conditions fibers so they last longer.

If you’ve found yourself cleaning every inch of your home and vanity while quarantined at home—guilty! —don’t stop at your makeup brushes.

Forget needing multiple different brushes when doing your makeup.

This waterless cleanser instantly removes powder shadows—or any powder formula—from brushes to keep things tidy and vibrant.

For a chemical-free and natural approach to cleaning your brushes, reach for this natural spray cleanser to do the job just as well.

These mess-free wipes remove surface makeup and oil from your brushes in a few swipes.

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