Ask Catherine Cohen: Quarantine Edition

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There is an upside to what my therapist is calling “an amazing time to sit with your emotions. ” I wouldn’t dream of doing that because I don’t really trust my therapist (one time she said I looked like Jared Leto? ) but I do think there are perks to all this free solo time, which I will now be referring to simply as “Free Solo” because for me, spending time alone in my apartment is as scary as climbing the highest peak in Yosemite without ropes.

Slather those serums on your face, and think about how you’re better than everyone you know, but you still respect them and that’s what makes you such a good person. And lastly, exercise. (And yes, masturbating counts. ) Exercise can mean jogging outside or just rolling around on your floor for 56 minutes singing the part in the Friends theme song where it goes “so no one told you life was gonna be this waaaaay” until you see the face of God.

Oops, reading from my journal again!!!  Use this time to connect with your parents and when they start to get on your nerves, go into your room and cosplay as a teen by watching TikToks and eating Oreos with peanut butter like they do in Lindsay Lohan’s The Parent Trap.

In olden times everyone’s schedule was like: Wake up, eat bread, write down a thought with a quill, eat bread again, go for a constitutional (that’s like a walk but make it fashion), eat more bread this time with wine, wish that you could hear music, drink more wine, fall asleep with the sun. Ah, the simplicity!

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