If You're in Dire Need of a Hair Trim During Self-Isolation, Here Are 5 Easy Steps to Follow

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The main goal is to open up your hair around your face, add some movement, and remove dry ends while keeping the length.

All you’ll need are a towel, a comb with wide and fine teeth, scissors, a scrunchie, and fine mist spray.

Use a facial spray or fine hair mist to revive the hair and see the shape.

Keep cutting the front part of your hair from top to bottom, toward the floor.

Separate your hair onto both sides, and cut into the ends vertically.

Don’t forget to check along the way that the sides are even by bringing both ends side by side in front of your face.

Once you’ve gathered those, check out her very helpful play-by-play of trimming your own hair at home.

Remember, if you have wavy or curly hair, less is more because your hair will bounce up.

You’ll need to cut on dry hair so you can see the shape.

That gives the hair more of a tapered end instead of a blunt one.

Wet hair isn’t the best indicator, Brook said, as it stretches.

You’ll also need a good pair of scissors, so it glides through and doesn’t chew your ends.

Brook says the wide-tooth side gives less tension, which is great for wavy or curly textures.

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