Miley Cyrus and Hailey Bieber Live-Streamed Their Polar-Opposite Night-Out Makeup Routines

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During their livestream chat, the two decided to walk viewers through their respective night-out makeup routines, which entailed a "classic Miley red" lipstick look for Cyrus and a soft smoky eye for Bieber.

Other tidbits they shared: Cyrus individually labels all of her makeup products, Bieber’s number-one go-to product is highlighter, and Cyrus used to have a "makeup suitcase".

Miley Cyrus and Hailey Bieber have decidedly different approaches to makeup.

Bieber said, "What’s funny is, before we started this, Justin [Bieber] was like, ‘You have that no-makeup makeup on, and I like it! ‘ I’m like, ‘Why do you even know what that is? ‘" She added, "We love a man who knows about the no-makeup makeup!

"I have a different approach: I try to overdo everything," Cyrus said while speaking with Bieber for her ongoing Instagram Live interview series, Bright Minded.

" Cyrus also admitted, "I just told Cody [Simpson] about no-makeup makeup, and he’s like, ‘All you do is lie to me!

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