Serena Williams’s Favorite Face Oil Only Costs $8

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After patting her face dry with a fresh washcloth, Williams finally reaches for her current favorite moisturizer: Rachel's Plan Bee Facial Oil, which contains a blend of squalane, cranberry seed, and vitamin E oils to soothe the skin. "I'm in desperate need of a plan B right now," says Williams with a little laugh.

She began the short video saying, "I just wanted to get on and do a little afternoon cleanse [because] I'm feeling stressed out with everything obviously, but I'm also calm and really just trying to do my thing. " Meanwhile, her two-year-old daughter Olympia can be seen playing with makeup in the background. "My daughter is actually doing her own makeup right now and I'm terrified to see what she's doing," says Williams. More on that later.

In the last clip, Williams holds Olympia in her arms and says: "Well my skin feels nice and moisturized now — now I gotta go clean this face.

Williams then looks over to check in on Olympia's work and sees that she's covered her face in lipstick. Adorable? Yes. Messy? Oh yeah. "Olympia not so much, OK?

In the next clip, she slathers on a dollop of the mask with some water and gently massages it into her skin before letting it sit. "Make sure you wash your hands before applying your skin care, now more than ever," she says.

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