Serena Williams: ‘You Have to Keep Using Your Voice’

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Next comes getting those who can to put their money where their mouth is. “I feel so much hope that these conversations are happening,” says Sara Saunders, associate brand director for Secret Deodorant. “But we’re trying to push to make sure those conversations result in action because talking about it doesn’t necessarily help us solve the issue.

So the brand made a $529,000 donation to the United States Women’s National Team Players’ Association to close the gender pay gap in soccer and purchased over 9,000 tickets to National Women’s Soccer League games to help women’s teams get more visibility.

And where Serena Williams can work harder and longer than her male colleagues and can still be asked to prove herself—over and over and over. “Just because I am a woman doesn’t mean I deserve less—I work just as hard,” says Williams. “I’ve given up so much in my life and I’ve sacrificed so much.

The first step is calling out inequalities—relentlessly—to change things for this generation and the next. “I use my voice because I know if I keep talking, someone is going to eventually hear,” says Williams. “Maybe not today, but maybe for my daughter.

Women’s National Soccer team to the historic equal-pay deal just won by the women of the WNBA, female athletes have become the face of the gender gap.

There’s scarcely a woman on earth who isn’t impacted by the fight for gender equality—but nowhere does that fight feel as visceral as it does in the world of sports.

By surveying high school athletes, college players and professional athletes, the study will pinpoint three to four areas where Secret and Williams can deploy cash to make a real difference.

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