The Easy Time-Management Trick I Use to Stay on Top of My Work and Self-Care Routine

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Named after the creator’s tomato-shaped timer, its premise is fairly simple: you block out 25-minute chunks of work time with four five-minute breaks in between each before a longer 15-minute break.

To be twice as productive, I use one of the five-minute breaks to apply a face mask, so when I sit down to work for my next 25-minute period, my skin is getting a special treat, too.

I pick ones meant to be left on for 20 minutes already (and work well for me that way), but you know your own skin better than anyone, so test it first.

When I first starting working from home as a freelancer, I found time management to be one of the most challenging aspects to master, from the pressure from "just one more email" to the siren song of a nearby couch and TV.

Whether you’re juggling your job duties and family ones (in the same space) or just working from home solo for the first time, it’s going to be an adjustment. Trust me, I feel you.

I personally use it to set goals to write, edit, or research for 25 minutes straight (and repeat as needed), but it can be adjusted for many different professions (or even nonwork tasks like cleaning).

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