This Mom Threw Her Son a 21st Birthday Party at ‘Club Quarantine,’ and It’s Going Viral

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With two kids home from college earlier than expected, the Torchia family has been using this time to reconnect. “My family has always been very close, but this situation definitely made us closer, which I didn’t think was possible,” Emily said. “My dad is the most excited, which is the funny part,” she adds about her parents’ reactions to their new TikTok fame. “My mom was very touched by the positive comments people wrote about them as parents, as well.

Emily, who returned home from Penn State due to the coronavirus pandemic, told Glamour that this type of gesture is par for the course with her family. “My mom comes from a very big and passionate family, so we do stuff like this all the time, surprisingly,” she said over Instagram. “It took about a day since my garage is already a ‘man cave. ’ My parents just moved stuff around and then added decorations!

At midnight on March 22, Jack’s 18-year-old sister, Emily, captured the whole thing before putting it on the popular social media app TikTok. It currently has over 4. 5 million views. “Let’s see some ID, please,” father/“security guard” Anthony Torchia requests before allowing his son to enter “Club Quarantine.

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