Unpopular Opinion: Now Is the Time to Finally Take Off Your Toenail Polish (Don't @ Me)

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It’s not pretty, but don’t cringe — I know I’m not alone. (Sometimes I also peek at other patron’s toes to be sure, so, there. ) While this idea of "letting your nails breathe" is, in fact, a myth, it only makes sense that our toenails could use a little reprieve from years of nail polish application after application.

"Wearing dark [polish] colors can often ‘yellow’ the nail, especially when you are going to wear the dark color for a longer period of time," said Deborah Lippmann, manicurist and owner of her eponymous nail brand.

So before you reach for your tool kit to embark on an intricate piece of pedicure nail art, remember, now is your chance for some much-deserved, long-overdue rest — from your head to your toes. Need a Manicure?

Still, even on the bleakest Winter days when all that my feet have seen through months of padded wool socks is the inside of my black combat boots, there’s at least some unfailing trace of nail polish lingering on each toe.

In fact, the longest time they’ve been left bare is five minutes, about how long it takes for a technician to treat them after removing my chipped color at the salon.

Plus, those white spots (formally called leukonychia) that tend to crop up are most often caused by nail damage from the misuse of harsh tools or improper gel removal.

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