Acne Meds vs. COVID-19: Dermatologists Break it Down – NewBeauty

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We reached out to other dermatologists to confirm or refute these findings and some say there’s not sufficient evidence to prove these medications increase the risk of acquiring COVID-19. “I believe that the advice to discontinue was based on the theory that because these medications upregulate the ACE2 receptor that this virus uses for entry into cells, they increase the risk of infection,” says New York dermatologist Sejal Shah, MD. “However, there is no data proving this causal relationship and infection with COVID-19 has also been found in cells that lack this specific receptor, suggesting there are other factors/receptors at play.

Lucky Sekhon, it led her to explore a risk of susceptibility to COVID-19 exposure in patients taking certain acne medications. “Last night @lucky. sekhon asked an insightful question about #spironolactone so we researched it at 5:30am and found important information,” shared Dr.

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