Botched Your Own Haircut or Dye Job? Here's How to Fix Your At-Home Hair Mistakes

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From a haircut-gone-wrong and uneven bangs to picking the wrong hair color and more, find out how to fix all of your at-home DIY hair mistakes with these tips from top hairstylists, ahead.

Maybe giving yourself bangs for the first time since childhood felt like an overdue change, or maybe, you decided your split ends needed a trim, or your roots covering.

No matter what lead you to committing one of these common at-home hair mistakes, there is a way to fix it.

How to Fix Your Quarantine Haircut and Color Mistakes Botched Your Own Haircut or Dye Job?

We get it: salons are closed, you’re spending more time inside, and taking matters into your own hands might seem like a good idea at the time.

We’re all for experimentation with beauty, especially in the name of self-care, but if your DIY cut or hair dye job has left you feeling less than satisfied with the results, we have your back.

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