Freelance Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Are Already Feeling Long-Term the Effects of COVID-19

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It was really just a way for my future clients to see my work, but this pandemic has me thinking differently now,” she says, noting that she’s going to be offering virtual makeup lessons to clients as a way to generate income in the coming weeks. “I prefer to be behind the camera making people look and feel amazing, but it may be time for me to embrace it and get in front of the camera for once.

Freelance makeup artist Genn Shaughnessy lives in New York City and says her business has come to a “crashing halt. “I am now a stay-at-home homeschool mom and cannot work,” says Shaughnessy. “I have a retail space and a makeup studio space I rent and pay expenses with zero income.

She’s far from the only one who has seen her business completely evaporate since the spread of COVID-19. “I watched all of my jobs for the month cancel in a matter of hours,” says Molly Fredenberg, a freelance makeup artist who is based in New York City.

Similarly, Fiedler has started filming how-to videos for her clients and posting them on her social pages. “I started shooting tutorials to show my clients how to do different styles that feel less intimidating while in quarantine,” she says. “I know that continuing to post on Instagram both with ways to connect to my clients as well as my in-salon work makes me stay relevant.

Reece Walker, a hairstylist based in New York City, has changed his social media strategy a bit as of late, posting photos of previous clients to highlight his work, as well as well-known people he’s styled. “People get a chance to see before and after with cuts and colors,” he says. “They also get to see some exciting clients I’ve had.

She primarily does wedding makeup and worked a wedding that day, but she's been self-quarantining ever since. “It was a strange day because everyone was acting like nothing was wrong; meanwhile, I’m doing makeup in a mask and gloves and vigorously sanitizing my station and products,” Dimant tells Allure. “Almost every single wedding into June that I was supposed to work has been postponed….

Dimant says she’s using social media to “hop on [Instagram] Lives with fellow creatives, [make] entertaining makeup tutorials, and [stay] in touch with all of my followers and clients.

I’ve been somewhat of a mad scientist since the pandemic,” Fredenberg says. “This idea was born out of the mass amount of makeup I acquired as a freelance makeup artist and having no options to recycle the unused product….

For freelancers who weren’t too into social media before, however, like Philadelphia-based freelance makeup artist Kelsey Kabinoff, it seems the current environment might be changing that. “I’m not really the influencer type of makeup artist, so I never relied heavily on social media as a means of my income.

Kayleigh Irene Feidler, a hair colorist who works in Louisville, Kentucky, and Los Angeles, had been flying cross-country once a month for work until COVID-19 made both travel and work an impossibility. “I have had to cancel multiple trips back to L. A. , and this felt like a really harsh blow to the momentum I had while building my business,” she explains.

My days went from makeup work every day in a new place with the next year fully booked to a totally empty calendar for March, April, May, and until further notice. “I have a retail space and a makeup studio space I rent and pay expenses with zero income.

It was the health and safety of themselves, their clients, and their loved ones. “When it comes to what the future holds, I’m patiently waiting with no intent of booking clients until salons are allowed to open back up,” Dimant says. “I have to make the right decisions for my health and my business.

Some, like Fredenberg, are using the time at home to get as creative as possible. “I make an effort every day to connect with a friend through video chat. “I use expired makeup mixed with different paint mediums resulting in abstract paintings with a unique finish.

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