‘I Fell in Love With Social Media During Quarantine’

Curated via Twitter from Glamour’s twitter account….

I’m aware of how much it’s affected how I've behaved around other people in the past, how I’ve been distracted and removed from conversations with my friends.

I’ve worked in television for 10 years, most recently as the host of dating show Love Island, so as a relatively public figure, I’ve experienced highs but also the particularly vicious side of how some humans behave within the confines of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Inside I’d be screaming, “This is how look. I was born like this. Fuck off. ” Of course, I'd never respond like that online (my mother follows me! ), but my love affair with social media, which had begun with no pressure, was suddenly causing daily anxiety. When should I post? What will people say?

I’ve fallen in love with online all over again, and it feels so good. We’ve both grown up.

I’ve seen some shaming on Twitter for people who have been going out even in the lockdown.

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