Maybe Now Is a Good Time for You to Get Really Into ASMR

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ASMR is about finding ways to comfort people who are uncomfortable, so it necessarily has to turn away from exclusionary concepts like "normal" or "socially acceptable. " Even as ASMR has gone more mainstream—the genre's fans include celebrities like Cardi B, and a Super Bowl commercial showed Zoë Kravitz doing ASMR with a bottle of Michelob Ultra beer—it still lives in the shadows of the internet.

Minimal research exists about ASMR, though the first serious study on the topic, published by the University of Sheffield in 2018, found that ASMR had a physiological impact on people. "Those who experience the phenomenon had significantly reduced heart rates while watching ASMR videos compared to people who do not experience ASMR," researchers wrote. What is ASMR?

Nothing is normal right now, so maybe your comforts don't have to be, either. "This isn't who I am," you tell yourself, glancing into the YouTube ASMR abyss. "I don't trawl the darkest corners of the internet for homemade videos of acrylic nails tapping on a bowl of marbles.

For people who experience ASMR, particular "triggers" (whispering, tapping, brushing) cause a physical and emotional sensation in the head and spine region that is gently electrifying.

A man with a long beard quietly pretends to sell you "the potent remains of those turned to ash during the final battle of the Avengers: Endgame. " It's ASMR. It's weird.

One of the ones where a guy is just reading a menu out loud! "Sure, I sometimes fall asleep to a whispering stranger telling a 40-minute story about the time she took too many psychedelics," I want to say to my sister. "But I'm not like those other shivering, twitching, internet freaks, clicking my way to comfort.

Eager to show my sister the expansive delights of the world of ASMR, I did a quick search for "ASMR cats," which I thought would turn up incontrovertibly relaxing content.

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