Robin Williams's Style Finally Gets the Attention It Deserves

Curated via Twitter from W Magazine’s twitter account….

He also “genuinely loved” biking, meaning that in addition to Miyake, he wore a lot of “sweaty, skintight neon spandex. ” Apparently, it “made his body hair look like smuggled earthworms. ” (“Welcome to my childhood,” Zelda responded to a user who replied that they “just threw up a little. just thinking about robin williams wearing issey miyake to the premiere of flubber pic. twitter.

That’s in part thanks to his daughter, Zelda Williams, who responded to a tweet recognizing that Williams wore Issey Miyake to the 1999 Flubber premiere. “Weirdly, refound these exact glasses two days ago! ,” she replied on Tuesday, sharing a photo. “They look like they’re probably antique pilot glasses he had his prescription put in.

As Twitter continued to herald Williams “the original hypebeast,” Zelda shared an anecdote. “He would’ve very much appreciated the compliment,” she replied to a tweet that read “your pops had drip. ” “I remember going into Bape with him as a kid and he knew EVERYONE that worked there,” she wrote. “And so many now eponymous skate brands.

Twenty-five years later, it’s now showing up on everyone from Cardi B to Charli XCX and FlubberKim Kardashian. jean paul gaultier robin williams has spawned pic. twitter.

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