Todd Hido's Photos of Empty Rooms Take on New Meaning in Isolation

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Despite creating the bulk of his viral portfolio in the late 90s, Hido’s pictures of moody suburban homes at night and lonely domestic interiors resonated with Millennial teens, earning prized positions on their blogs, my own included.

It’s been years since I’ve logged into my now defunct Tumblr, but last week, in my quarantined boredom, I found myself scrolling through my immortalized digital teen diary (I will not be providing a link…sorry) and re-discovered Hido’s work in which, considering my current isolation, I’ve found new meaning and relevance.

As someone who has, in some sense, spent part of their life studying this idea of isolation or loneliness, or what it means to have a narrative attached to an image that excludes other people, what would you say is the personal benefit of spending time alone during the quarantine?

It’s just been in my work ever since I first did the suburban work, even though I’m not really a lonely person—I’m generally quite, kind of happy and enjoy people.

Photograph by Todd Hido from is series, Homes At Night.

Photograph by Todd Hido from his series, Homes At Night.

Photograph by Todd Hido from his series, Homes At Night.

You know, it’s kind of amazing how art becomes one of those things that… because we can’t go to the bookstore, we can’t go to the museum, we can’t even go buy stuff…all of a sudden, this thing that I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with, Instagram, is this tool that we have which reaches so many people instantly.

Read our discussion on his works Interiors and Homes at Night, and why Hido is suddenly using the phone again, below.

Photograph by Todd Hido from his series, Interiors. I completely agree. It’s surreal.

You have two series you’re especially known for: Homes at Night and Interiors.

In Interiors you’re photographing the insides of different suburban homes—sort of the opposite of Homes at Night.

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