What It's Like to Lose Your Business to Coronavirus

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It's hard because people look at tenoverten and think, "Oh, they're making money through their products, they're sold in Target. " The truth is, we took out loans to produce our production for Target, which just delivered in February, so we are not liquid as a company.

Nadine Abramcyk, the cofounder of tenoverten, tells Allure, in her own words, what it was like to be among the first coronavirus-related salon closures in New York City, how her nail-care business has been affected, and where the company goes from here.

None of our employees ever, at any point over those few days, ever said, "We don't want to come to work. "The only way to [make sure people were safe] was to close our business.

We've also sent them communications about resources that they should tap into if they're having trouble filling out the unemployment forms, we sent information about food banks, information about not paying for your internet service or phone at this moment, how to get payments delayed for utilities, different resources that people can lean on so that they feel supported.

A lot of people have reached out to say, "We're thinking about you during this time and we know it must be hard, but we hope you reopen your doors. " All of those messages mean so much. They keep us going.

In year one of our business, I was pregnant at the time and became hypervigilant about using clean beauty and clean cleaning products, so it very quickly morphed into this more non-toxic nail salon, which is really the pillar that we stand on today.

Obviously, they were upset and sad and not sure what was going to happen — it was all uncertain — but they were like, "Thank you for looking out for our health. " But Los Angeles, because they were a bit behind New York and the outbreak wasn't as serious there, they were less understanding and a little bit more upset that we had made what they felt was a rash decision.

Friday morning, the 13th, the partners had a team meeting and quickly identified that, since our business was such a high-touch business, our social responsibility was to make sure people were safe.

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