'Curbside Treatments' Are on the Rise During COVID-19 and It’s a Very Bad Thing – NewBeauty

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Although she’s busy with patients via teledermatology, San Antonio dermatologist Vivian Bucay, MD’s physical office has also been closed for business for a couple of weeks; similarly, she’s heard musings of what she refers to as “curbside treatments,” where doctors are still providing neuromodulators, fillers and other aesthetic treatments to their patients—just not in their regular locations. “This is deplorable, as it puts everyone’s health at risk and diminishes what we, as physicians, do,” she says. “I can’t stress this enough: There are no cosmetic emergencies right now. “Those of us who are doing the right thing by temporarily shutting down our practices entirely, while providing for our staff, will be hurt by the careless and selfish actions of others once we reopen for business as usual. Dr.

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