23 Gossip Girl Outfits We'd Still Wear Today

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So many designers contributed pieces to the show that former Gossip Girl costume designer Eric Daman told Fashionista, "Blair never repeated a headband in six seasons, and Serena never wore the same pair of shoes or carried the same bag. " Now that's commitment to the look—and in the pre-Instagram age, no less.

It's true, the premiere of Gossip Girl officially happened more than a decade ago—and though we often think about the Manhattan-centric (and occasionally Brooklyn-based) plot lines, love triangles, and other over-the-top events that filled nearly every episode in its six-season run, we're still reeling from some of the iconic Gossip Girl fashion moments.

From the gold undertones to the delicate sleeves to the sequins that cinch at the waist, this gown is perfect for those bridal photos or black-tie event. Of all of S. and B. 's Parisian get-ups from season four, we treasure these the most: a statement blazer and oxford pumps on Serena, all Chanel everything on Blair. That is, before B. pushed S. into that fountain. RIP, lewk.

As with all fashion, some looks have aged better than others. (We can't see ourselves marching down Fifth Avenue in rainbow-bright tights anytime soon—sorry, Blair and fellow Constance girls. ) Years later, though, some of the gala gowns and tricked-out school uniforms worn by this very privileged group of New York teens still feel fresh today.

Well, here's something we didn't see much of in six seasons of Gossip Girl: casual wear! (Or at the very least, as "casual" as Blair would allow. ) The bright, sunny colors of her skirt and blouse pop next to her neutral bag and matching accessories.

Meanwhile, Blair kept it classic with sophisticated dress silhouettes, like this polka-dot number. (Apparently shoes are optional? ) This look worked on the UES in the aughts and that midi-length would look just as good wherever you are in spring/summer 2020 (if we can ever end up going anywhere)—it's that timeless.

And Blair clearly had an eye for iconic bags: She carried a wicker version of the Kate Spade New York "Sam," a silhouette that's already made more than one comeback. When in Paris, S. dons her brightest, most eye-catching outerwear.

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