'NewBeauty' Relaunches Print Magazine For 15-Year Anniversary

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Though it may seem like a risky time to support a print magazine, Attenberg believes NewBeauty’s singular vision makes its brand
relevant at a time when consumers are confronted with homogenized content. “By staying focused and producing content that is true to our core: educational, informative, relevant and
exclusive, we upped our unique approach,” said Attenberg. “We strongly believe that magazines with a strong point of view, distinctive design, a digestible format and — most
importantly — quality content will be the ones that will not only survive, but flourish.

Dennis Gross Skincare, Eminence Organics and Grande Cosmetics among its advertisers. “We are proud to have advertising partners that you may not see in traditional women titles, brands
that have been absent from print for years or brands you don’t see everywhere else, as well as many emerging brands, which sit alongside many of our core partners like Eminence Organics and
Grande Cosmetics,” said Chief Revenue Officer, Mike Glaicar. “NewBeauty has always been supportive of independent and emerging beauty brands and this
issue reflects that spirit,” he added.

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