Bella Hadid's Latest At-Home Hairstyle Was Inspired by a Childhood Photo

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On Wednesday, April 1, Hadid posted 11 photos from a self-directed photoshoot at home — shared over three posts on her Instagram grid — in which she's wearing "her favorite yellow jacket," according to one of the captions.

A couple of hours after posting the series of photos to her grid, she shared a childhood photo of herself on her Instagram story in which the supermodel, no more than six years old in the picture, is wearing a pink, floral bandanna in the very same way.

Whether it's a major makeover like going for a buzz cut à la Taika Waititi or letting grays grow in like Kelly Ripa has decided to do, having a little more time on our hands at home and a new sense of freedom to play around with our appearances has been a bit of a silver lining during a strange and stressful time.

We can only hope this starts a trend among celebrities and regular folks alike, in which we all dig up photos of childhood hairstyles and reenact them in the privacy of our homes — and in selfies on Instagram, of course.

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