Here’s How to Transform Your Closet While You’re Stuck Inside

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If your accessories, cosmetics, or shoes are exploding out of your closet, reach for this understated catch-all that will keep intimates organized with drawer inserts, and give displaced beauty products a forever home that’s easy to get to. © 2020 Condé Nast. All rights reserved.

Umbrellas and yoga mats crowding the top of your closet will finally find a home thanks to this rattan rack and basket, which will bring an instant hint of Bohemian flair. Pressed for wall space?

You’ve color-coordinated your pantry, scrubbed every nook and cranny of your apartment, and finally finished that 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle—so (small) closet organization ideas are the natural next step in your quest for a pristine work-from-home environment.

From multipurpose storage systems to sleek nesting trays, these closet organization ideas will make even the smallest spaces feel dynamic.

When you’re not busy going on a virtual first date or self-pleasuring for a good cause, a closet revamp is a solid pastime.

Make the most of your space with cute and functional closet space savers that will abolish the dreaded clothes pile for good.

Since it’ll be out in the open, hang sleek, pretty pieces that will liven the room up, and stow bulkier items in your closet where they’re out of sight.

The number-one tip for an organized space is giving everything a proper home, even if it’s a chic tray dedicated to miscellaneous, easy-to-lose objects like rings, bobby pins, and lighters.

You’re probably wearing sweats, leggings, and more sweats these days—but you’ll reap the benefits of a tidy closet when life as we knew it resumes again.

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