Kim Kardashian, "Friend" of Ivanka, Won't Be Endorsing a President

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Between making big calls to action on social media and just knowing when to call up the right people to ask for favors (Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are considered "friends" of Kardashian, according to the Times), the entrepreneur and law student has lobbied the President for criminal justice reform and convinced him to grant clemency to incarcerated individuals like Alice Marie Johnson, whose life sentence for nonviolent offenses was commuted by Trump in 2018.

Kardashian also makes it clear in her interview with the Times that she is not just working to release those who have been wrongfully convicted of nonviolent crimes, but those who have committed violent crimes as well. “Doing the documentary, I wanted to pick very specific people—in a sex trafficking situation, in a murder—and really show people that once you maybe get to know their background and their history, you might soften up, too,” she said. “And there’s a lot of people who are really deserving of these second chances.

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