Skincare Rituals So Fun, They’ll Turn You Into a Morning Person

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As the last step in your morning routine, take a gua sha tool to your newly cleansed and masked face to help relieve tension, release toxins, and tone your skin.

Using one specifically made for AM application and formulated with energizing or invigorating ingredients can help wake up your skin and prep it for the day ahead, not to mention bring a little luxury to your morning.

This Vitamin C Paste ($45) contains a potent amount of Vitamin C which can help brighten your skin, boost collagen, block free radicals, and lock in moisture.

Something like this Sweet Orange Essential Oil ($13) is zesty, bright, and high in Vitamin C to help increase circulation to your skin when combined with the steam.

Plus, the scraping motion will help all the morning’s skincare ingredients better absorb into the skin.

Not only does dry brushing exfoliate and detoxify your skin by effectively removing dead skin cells, but it also helps boost circulation and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Simply mix a scoop of NeoCell Super Collagen Powder ($14) into your drink to help activate your natural beauty from the inside out and promote healthy collagen synthesis.

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