This Easy Tutorial Will Make You Feel Confident About Cutting Your Own Bangs at Home

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"If they keep getting in your eyes, use section clips and clip the bangs up, spray hairspray underneath, and apply a little shot of hot air from your hair dryer to them.

By spreading these out in the bang, it helps spread break the hair up a bit more. (Ignore this step if you have blunt bangs.

Because of this, Vaccaro recommended cutting a little bit at a time and going back and repeating step two if you want to make your bangs shorter.

"Women tend to use their fingers to hold the section of hair and they put too much tension which makes the bang spring up after you cut it," said Vaccaro.

With your comb in one hand and scissos in the other, comb underneath your bangs a few times before stopping a couple of centimeters way from the edge of your hair.

While a hair trim can probably wait until salons reopen, bangs are a different story; it’s hard to wait when your hair is hanging in your eyes.

Once you removed the length you want to trim, Vaccaro said he likes to go back in, comb through the entire bang, and add a few more deeper point cuts.

To help you master it, Glamsquad’s artistic director Giovanni Vaccaro took to Instagram for a quick — and dare we say easy — tutorial on how to cut your bangs at home.

Use the sectioning clips to separate the rest of your hair from the bangs.

To start, Vaccaro recommends cutting on dry hair because it’s more forgiving.

All you’ll need are sectioning clips, a comb, and hair clipping scissors.

Then, with the scissors held perpendicular to the hair you can start with a "point cut" — this adds texture to the hair and keeps the ends more natural.

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