6 Expert Tips for Applying Foundation If You Have Facial Hair

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After exfoliating, hydrating skin is paramount — and that goes for all makeup wearers regardless of facial hair, says makeup artist Michael Brooks. "If you have a full-on beard and mustache or simply just stubble, make sure your skin is well-hydrated before makeup application.

Lots of people have the reflex to buy whatever complexion products are popular with beauty vloggers or other makeup-loving friends, but Walker advises paying little mind to what products work for others — especially in terms of finish and coverage. "It is extremely easy to fall in the trap of consumer marketing when it comes to complexion products," he says. "When you consistently have the fullest, matte-est foundation pushed to you by people with smooth skin, it inclines you to seek that in hope of the result of smooth skin and a flawless finish.

Thankfully, removing stray products from facial hair isn't as difficult as you'd think. "If you get makeup right onto the facial hair, you can clean it off by running a clean mascara wand or spooley through the hair, dry or with a little micellar water," says Brooks.

But don't underestimate the power of a beard in a makeup look, either. "My beard — or as I like to call it, my facial garden — is an accessory I never knew I needed or would love," says Devin-Norelle. "I find my facial garden truly enhances any makeup look; it can accompany basic foundation for a natural look or really bring out shimmery eye makeup.

Exfoliation will keep your makeup canvas smooth, and makeup artist Anthony Walker says its especially important if you're prone to textured skin. "We need to ensure that skin is at its smoothest, most even state possible," he explains. "It is incredibly crucial to exfoliate as regularly as possible in your routine.

Devin-Norelle, on the other hand, takes a more old-school approach. "To avoid getting any makeup into my beard, I apply using my hands to ensure accuracy," ze says. "I usually apply while in a naturally lit space to avoid missing spots and unevenness.

According to both Walker and Brooks, color-correcting makeup is a must-have if you shave all of your facial hair and don't want it to be visible through makeup.

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