7 Nail Artists Tell Us the Best Nail Look They've Ever Created

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According to nail artist Gina Edwards, the three-dimensional butterflies she created for Alice + Olivia's Fall/Winter 2019 runway show took around two hours to complete. "[The] wings were made separately from the body and a blend of acrylic color powders were used," she explains. "Crystals were added to the body and then the antennas. " Unsurprisingly, these little insects were incredibly delicate, so Edwards applied them to models' nails at the very last minute before they walked the runway. "I loved this look because it completely allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and make something ethereal that worked beautifully into the presentation," she recalls. "Quite a process, but so worth it.

Nail artist Mel Shengaris says her favorite nail-art design, these blue flames on singer Jorja Smith, are rather easy to create on long nails at home with gel or regular nail polish. "Start by drawing out the flame outline [and] color it all in," Shengaris instructs. “While it's still wet, add some other lines of different colors and swirl [them] around to create the depth.

Nail artist Eri Ishizu's favorite nail-art design was applied on DJ Kitty Cash for a 2020 photoshoot with i-D magazine. "Kitty wanted to do [an] Egyptian theme because she was wearing a mullet hairstyle, and that was her inspiration at that time," Ishizu says. "We looked up different inspiration for Egyptian pictures and history; I drew different designs on a paper first and made them completely original.

The iPod Shuffle shown in this picture proves just how long it's been since nail artist Rita Remark created this nail-art design for Canadian magazine Flare — which goes to show just how much she loves it. "I always return to it when thinking of my best work," Remark says.

Nail artist Sigourney Nuñez proves just how many colors can go together in one manicure with this flamboyant nail-art design. "I love a rainbow manicure," she says. "The ROYGBIV color palette is more wearable than ever, and seeing it on nails is an easy way to inspire joy.

Tom Bachik unsurprisingly lists this crystal-heavy manicure he did for Jennifer Lopez's 2020 halftime show as his personal favorite for that very reason. "There was so much buildup and excitement that night and the energy was through the roof," he remembers. "I chose to play off her incredible Versace finale look — the nails needed to be just as amazing.

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