How to Style Your Greasy Hair When You Can't Bother to Wash It

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Though she achieved the look shown above on Zazie Beetz just after shampooing the hair, she says it's still a great style to try in-between wash days for highly textured hair. "You can use a conditioning mist [and water] to help reactivate the oils in your hair because natural hair typically does not get too greasy," she explains. "Wrap small sections of your hair onto itself like a rope braid and then allow it to dry," Redway explains.

A sleek, high ponytail is the base of this hairstyle; Fitzsimons advises using a paddle brush to smooth the hair back into place before securing it with a clear elastic band. "If your ends are dry from not being conditioned in a few days, apply a small amount of oil or a lightweight leave-in conditioner like the Daily Dose Leave-In Conditioning Spray to the mid-lengths," he says.

The first step, Marjan says, is to create a defined part down the middle so the style feels more polished than it would if you combed the hair straight back. "Then use a smoothing brush to gather hair into a low ponytail," Marjan explains. "If any of the hair around the hairline is hard to control, just apply a small amount of gel before brushing. " If your hair is still visibly oily, you can hide that even further by spritzing the front-facing hair with dry shampoo and braiding small sections around the crown, she says.

The key to making a twist-out perfect, according to her, is the right amount of time. "And we all have a lot of time if we're all at home," she says. "Allowing your hair to dry properly is what will make your twist-outs to come out really good. " Tension is another key factor to observe when twisting your own hair. "You want to make sure your twists are tight enough; it should feel a little dense when you wrap the twist into itself so that the curl can form correctly. "A slicked-back braided look is a simple-yet-elevated way to make greasy hair look refreshed and stylish," says hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons.

After an all-over spritz of high-hold hair spray, the look is complete. "This is a great style for girls that have natural hair because this a two-in-one," Redway says of the Bantu knots shown on Zazie Beetz. "It's a great way to prep your natural curls. " Section the hair based on how tight you like your curls to be.

Pull the hair of the smaller section backward while blow-drying, Redway says, to make slicking that portion back easier. "You can use a half-inch curling iron on the bigger side and a flatiron on the sleeker side," Redway recommends if you're looking for extra definition.

The bigger the sections, the looser the curls will be once they're taken out later. "Prep [the hair section] with a conditioning spray and then twist it like you're doing a rope braid.

The rest, according to Ess, is pretty simple if you know how to do a basic three-strand braid. "Braid the length of your hair starting at the nape of the neck and wind [it] clockwise into a bun, tucking the bottom of the braid into the center of the bun. " As you can see from her video clip above, Ess also pulls at different sections of the braid before and after wrapping it to create extra volume.

Hairstylist Kristin Ess turns to this classic hairstyle for greasy hair, and it's clear to see why considering how effortless it is. "[It's a] polished-looking solution to stringy strands," she says.

Hairstylist Justine Marjan usually turns to slicked-back looks like this low ponytail for greasy hair. "You can use the natural oils to your advantage," she explains.

Wrap that rope around the base to create the knots," she explains. "You can secure it in place with a small hairpin. " Repeat that process on each section until all the hair is wrapped up in knots.

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