Jane Fonda Revived Her Classic ‘Jane Fonda’ Workout on TikTok, and It's Everything

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The Hollywood legend is now a member of the viral social platform, and she did something incredible for one of her inaugural posts: revived her retro "Jane Fonda workouts," which swept the country in the 70s and 80s. “My name is Jane Fonda and I’m going to bring back the 'Jane Fonda workout,'” she says on her TikTok, posted Thursday, April 2.

The drills will happen digitally every Friday in April at 2 P. M. ET. "Join us this Friday alongside @JaneFonda and @FireDrillFriday to keep the pressure on politicians to adopt a Green New Deal, end new fossil fuels, and enact a just transition to a renewable economy that protects workers and communities," Greenpeace USA wrote in an Instagram caption. "Let's tackle the climate crisis together while we #StayHome.

Virtual Fire Drill Fridays, for those who don't know, are rallies organized by Greenpeace USA and Fonda that bring awareness to the climate change crisis and how people can help it virtually.

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