Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan Are Reportedly Isolating Together in Chicago

Curated via Twitter from Glamour’s twitter account….

Now, Flanagan (who said she wasn't dating Weber as of March 12) and the pilot are reportedly isolating together in Chicago and making some TikTok videos à la Cameron and Brown.

Now that Brown has returned home to Alabama after spending a few weeks in Florida filming iconic TikToks with Cameron and his quarantine crew, Weber and Flanagan are stepping up to fill the void.

Former Bachelor Peter Weber and contestant Kelley Flanagan are picking up where Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron left off, apparently.

If you recall, Weber, who lives in Los Angeles with his parents, started hanging out with Flanagan in Chicago on March 25, well after the government and World Health Organization started urging people to practice social distancing.

Sluss has been liking some pretty shady tweets about Weber lately and Cameron, who was likely joking, recently tweeted that the pilot should delete his TikTok account.

Though Weber has his own TikTok account, the two have kept their joint activities to Bachelor Nation member Dustin Kendrik's feed.

Whereas Cameron and Brown's TikToking was at minimum harmless fun and at most possibly romantic (!!! ), I think there's something off about Weber and Flanagan's.

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