QuarantineNails Is the Instagram Nail-Art Trend We Didn't Know We Needed

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For a similar effect, you can cut small, oval decals out of blue painter's tape and lie them near the nail bed before painting your nails.

New Hampshire-based nail technician JacQui Parzych added a single gold star to her neon-orange nails, creating a statement with very little effort.

If you don't have jewels or nail stickers like these, you can use a small dot of nail polish in a contrasting color.

You can create a similar effect by painting on small blobs of polish and diluting them with a dense nail-art brush dipped in acetone.

There, self-taught and professional nail artists alike are sharing the manicures they've created in the comfort of their own homes, giving the rest of us enough nail-art inspiration to last a lifetime.

Salons and independent nail artists across the country have ceased operations, some for weeks now, leaving the state of our nails entirely in our own hands.

Jamaican nail artist Amara offers an updated take on the French manicure with negative space and rounded tips that extend all the way down to the nail bed.

Apply the accent colors and the white polish in random splotches and dots using a dotting tool or the head of a sewing pin, if you've got one.

The neon-pink print on this manicure by English nail technician Julie-Anne Larivière is basically what would happen if the Cheetah Girls all of a sudden got really into nail art.

Finally, use a thin nail brush or a toothpick to draw the white branches in any blank spots.

All you need are a few different metallic nail polishes that you can paint in random patterns.

You don't need super-long claws or a whole lot of supplies to re-create these spotted accent nails from @gels_by_helena.

She posted her own tutorial for the look, but if you don't have a nail-art brush at home, you can re-create it with a bobby pin or toothpick.

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Instagram user @nicolepapadimitriou added dreamy watercolor accents to a few nails in her lavender manicure.

Then, finish it off by dipping a bobby pin in the black polish to create small, even dots all over.

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