Selena Gomez Revealed She’s Bipolar During an Instagram Live With Miley Cyrus

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In January 2020, Gomez talked about how finding the “right medication” was instrumental in her mental health journey. “I found out I do suffer from mental health issues,” she told WSJ Magazine. “And honestly, that was such a relief,” she continued. “I realized that there was a way to get help and to find people that you trust.

This is the first time Selena Gomez has talked about her bipolar diagnosis, but she’s been incredibly open in the past about her general mental health.

When Cyrus asked Gomez how she goes about managing her mental health, the Rare singer opened up. “Recently I went to one of the best mental hospitals in the world, but definitely in America, McLean’s Hospital.

Gomez joined Cyrus on the latter’s Bright Minded IG Live series, where they talked about a variety of subjects, including mental health.

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