The $18 Lip Liner Alexa Demie Can't Live Without

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Demie’s Maddy Perez, the ex–pageant queen stuck in an abusive relationship, became a fan favorite thanks to her unbothered attitude (for example, that iconic chili scene) and incredible beauty looks.

You could argue that HBO’s Euphoria had two major breakout stars: the glittering Technicolor makeup looks that suddenly inspired every single new palette, runway show, and YouTube tutorial, and Alexa Demie.

A quick scroll through Demie’s Instagram proves that not only is she outrageously cool, she’s just as much of a beauty girl as her on-screen persona—she wears bright-blue liner and leopard-print shadow on the regular.

That only makes it a natural fit that she’s the face of the brand’s new More Than Meets the Eye campaign. “I couldn’t think of a more iconic brand to partner with,” she says. “I fell in love with all of the colorful eye shadows in the collection that made it so much fun to create beautiful eye looks.

The makeup in Euphoria was so iconic, and I’ve heard that you helped create a lot of Maddy’s looks. Did you have a favorite?

A love of beauty is practically in her blood, since her mother is a makeup artist and worked at MAC when Demie was growing up.

Since your mom was a makeup artist, is there any beauty advice she gave you growing up that you still follow today? Of course!

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