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A bath is that finite divider between a hectic day and the night—that precursor to bedtime that feels not only indulgent, but also absolutely necessary to unwind.  Here are eight products that do the trick every time to take the stresses of the day away.

It’s one of those products you will absolutely hoard, dropping in one or two (or even half of one) at a time for a deliciously fizzy bath. $38, fresh.

It’s somewhat incredulous to think this product has been around long enough to be considered a “classic,” but it has definitely done its time to reach that status—to the point that you can almost feel nostalgic when you use it.

It’s a moisture magnet for really parched skin and the scent sticks around for hours afterward, to the level that you should skip perfume, and even lotion, when you use it. $34, purefiji.

In the world of beauty (and overall basic hygiene, in general), baths are one of those things that seem incredibly split down the middle: You are either a shower person all the way, or your nightly bath is a bit of a ritual.

It makes skin feel supersoft and nicely scented (but not at all overpowering), and it successfully made even a Vegas hotel tub seem like the most relaxing place on the planet. $40, oseamalibu.

Despite it’s almost indescribable milky-green consistency, it has an almost energizing, yet soothing, minty-herbal scent that you can breathe in and feel instantly better.

They somehow manage to pack in a ton of essential oils and skin softeners, and leave the bath water with a really bright color that washes away, right away.

This scent is an editor’s favorite; a cooling citrusy blend that manages to be uplifting and relaxing, all at the same time. $20, kneippus.

It’s superluxurious, really helps to leaving skin looking glowy and smells amazing. $90, jomalone.

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