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Lupo suggests seeing a dermatologist immediately. “Persistent redness is the precursor to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH),” she says. “Dermatologists can prescribe remedies to reduce the inflammation and ward off any lingering problems. ” Other things that are good to know: Stay out of the sun after doing a peel and never pick or pull off the peeling skin. at-home peelsbeauty tipsdr. J.

New Orleans dermatologist Mary Lupo, MD, says to stick to low level peels with buffered solutions. “Follow the directions and make sure the product is neutralized 100 percent to avoid ‘hot spots’ that can cause discoloration or even scarring. “Test a spot in front of your ear before doing your entire face,” says Dr.

Coral Gables, FL, dermatologist Janice Lima Maribona, MD tells her clients who plan to do an at-home peel for the first time to leave the peel on for less time than what is recommended on the label. “Once you see how your skin reacts, you can increase the time to what the label suggests.

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