How to Host a Virtual Happy Hour

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We asked experts for tips to host a virtual happy hour that won't leave people cursing the invention of the front-facing camera. "I like giving people ideas for how to use the ingredients that might be in their freezer or around the house," says mixologist Lynnette Marrero, cofounder of the women bartender mixology competition Speed Rack, and bar director at Brooklyn's Llama Inn.

Your camera angle should follow the same rule as your lighting, Johnson says. "You want it directly eye level, coming straight at you, whether you’re using a webcam, a laptop, or a camera on a phone. " If you're trying to set a mood and you don't want to use one of the wild Zoom backgrounds, just keep it simple and clean.

If you’re using light at home that’s not meant for filming and it’s really harsh, like a desk lamp, you can point it at the wall and the light will bounce off it and that will completely diffuse it for you. " But you have to pick between natural light, which is cooler toned, and synthetic light, which tends to be warmer. "Different temperatures of light will turn each side of your face different colors," Johnson says.

The second thing that will take your appearance out of mugshot territory is diffuse lighting. "If it’s a cloudy day and you have a window, that’s perfect,” Johnson says. “But if the sun is really high up and it’s hitting you at an angle, and it’s direct and it’s sharp, that’s going to be really harsh lighting, lots of unwanted shadows.

When Camille Johnson, the YouTuber behind OffBeatLook, turns hers on, she glows like one thousand angels are tipping their haloes toward her. "I think that the biggest thing that people usually do wrong is just leaving on whatever overhead lighting they have, which casts really unnatural, unflattering shadows when you're filming," Johnson tells Glamour.

When people started going into quarantine en masse a few weeks ago, virtual happy hours were still a novelty. “Where did these people get all their friends? ” you said to yourself, seeing social media fill with gritty mosaics of people, all grinning at some kind of unknowable inside joke. “I want to be a part of it. ” So you learned to love gallery mode.

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