Kylie Jenner Is Quitting Hair, Nail, and Lash Extensions While Isolating

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That same day, Jenner joined her best friend, Stassie Karanikolaou, for an Instagram Live session, in which she gave a few more details. "This is actually the first time I’ve worn my natural hair," she said after revealing she "used her little Dyson thing," perhaps referring to the new Dyson Corrale straightening tool.

A couple of weeks ago, we got a sneaking suspicious that Jenner, who's known for frequently wearing wigs and extensions to quickly change up her hairstyle and color, might be opting for wearing her natural hair — albeit it in the warm bronde shade she'd been seen wearing recently and not her natural dark brown color.

Whether or not Jenner jumps right back into extensions of all kinds once we no longer have to stay home is a mystery, but it's safe to say she'll come out of this with some of her healthiest hair, nails, and lashes ever after giving them a breather.

Jenner also showed off her natural nails, which, while not short, are significantly shorter than the extensions she usually wears. "Stop!

However, Jenner didn’t remove her fake nails because they had grown out; she just sees this period of self-isolation as an opportunity to start fresh. "My nails didn’t even need to be taken off.

This is such a good time to just take your hair out and your nails out, no lashes. "We're just natural queens," Karanikolaou laughs.

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