The Best Makeup Organizers to Tidy Up Your Vanity

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I’ve had this makeup bag for seven years now—it's almost like an heirloom—and even though the zipper broke early on, I still keep it for organizing my beauty products at home.

As the president of the Unpacking Committee, I can tell you this makeup and toiletry organizer is a lifesaver when you’re on the go, but don’t be surprised if it weasels its way into your everyday organizing routine.

I never know where anything is which is why I like to keep my most used lipsticks, creams, and other beauty essentials in this clear makeup bag.

I use one for brushes, one for liners, and one for mascara (I have a lot of makeup, okay? ), and they keep my vanity organized and cute.

I find this bag a bit large to travel with (I’m a strictly-carry-on type of girl), but it’s perfect for storing my makeup at home.

We honestly couldn’t tell you, and since puzzles can keep us occupied for only so long, we’re calling on the best makeup organizers for our next home project.

If you tend to sit cross-legged in front of a mirror while applying your makeup, the hook  is perfect for popping onto a nearby closet doorknob. Overall, I’m obsessed.

Plus, if you’re relying on YouTube tutorials to stay busy, a tidy work station will get you one step closer to perfecting that dewy makeup look that makes dumplings jealous.

Give your bathroom counter the overhaul it deserves with the best makeup organizers Glamour editors swear by, ahead.

It’s perfect if you’re scarce for counter space or simply want to keep your cosmetics collection in check.

Faced with the reality of having nothing to do on the weekends for the foreseeable future, I recently went down a rabbit hole of Amazon reviews for the best makeup organizer.

Unlike most of my other makeup bags, this PVC one makes it very easy to see what’s in it—and what’s not. —T. A.

It’s made with thicker acrylic so it’s extra durable and comes in four colors (though I’m partial to the tangerine). —E. P.

This adjustable, revolving organizer is technically a makeup organizer, but I find it useful for my skin-care regimen.

I love Muji’s acrylic drawers because not only are they aesthetically pleasing and high-quality, but they make it easy to find what I’m looking for when I’m rushing to get ready for my day.

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I have a lot of makeup and not enough space to display it all on my dresser, so instead I use a tall organizer like this.

Even if you ditched foundation for face masks weeks ago, organizing makeup is an oddly satisfying task that’ll come in handy when we’re out in the world again.

This makeup organizer presents a great opportunity to do a little spring cleaning.

I don’t love the look of plastic organizers, so I like how sleek this option is, plus it tucks into small spaces nicely so it’s barely in sight.  —B. C.

I like that the dividers are removable so I can create as much or as little space as I need for each palette, and the clear design makes it easy to see everything stored in it. 10/10 buying another so I can stash smaller compacts too. —L. S.

I love amber glass, so this is my ideal little cup to hold makeup brushes or anything that could use some air. —S. S.

Something that freaks me out is stuffing used makeup brushes into confined spaces and letting germs make their homes in between the little hairs.

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