The Ridiculously Easy Chicken Recipe to Make for Dinner Tonight

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When I came home, I started to play around and made my own version of it. ” Bronfman makes the protein-packed meal once every three weeks, and her husband and friends confirm it’s a total crowd pleaser. “The chicken is so juicy and basically falls apart, and the apricots add a real sweetness to it,” she says.

If you’re limiting your grocery runs these days and don’t have a fully stocked pantry, Bronfman recommends using lemons instead of apricots, black olives instead of green, or even adding in some chipotle to change it up. “In this climate, people really do want a gourmet experience at home, and this is really quite easy to make.

First up: DJ, health advocate, and founder of wellness site HBFIT Hannah Bronfman, who shares how to make her beloved Moroccan-inspired braised chicken with apricots and olives.

In college, instead of heating up frozen DiGiornos or hoarding Tater Tots in the dining hall, Hannah Bronfman would cook chicken milanese, steak, and stews for her roommate and neighbors.

One of Bronfman’s go-to recipes is her Moroccan-inspired Braised Chicken With Apricot and Olives, which can be found in her book, Do What Feels Good. “I first tasted this flavor profile when I was planning my wedding in Morocco in 2016—it seemed to be in almost every dish.

When her friends hosted a fried chicken cooking contest, she took the extra step to reach out to her grandfather’s chef, the woman who taught her how to cook at a young age, for her secret ingredient to ace the competition.

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