Your Horoscope for the Week of April 6

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Kicking off the week with a full moon in your partnership zone, you'll be all about that special someone, your position in the relationship or what you really want if you're a single ram on the go.

In any case the demands of work, health, and routine won't quit so you'll need to transform how you accommodate the various facets of your life, at least for the time being.

Your home sector is lit up by the full moon this week and for Cancerians remaining in their habitat full time, it's important to utilize excess energy to add a few lifestyle changes around the ranch.

The full moon is lighting up your zone of money, which means you'll need to give it close attention.

You're a deep thinker and love to ponder the biggest questions in life, so your mind has a lot to chew on right now with big picture intrigue clashing with your need to escape and enjoy quite mindful bliss.

Balance it with the independence and drive you need at home to support your projects, especially if you're spending more time working at the kitchen table right now.

Your career zone is all about the quality of your relationships this week as the full moon shines on the people you have to reguarly collaborate with.

The full moon is in your sign on Tuesday so you'll be feeling all the feels.

You may be feeling an emotional attachment to your resources, but this week you'll profit from sharing and allowing someone else to shine and contribute.

Even though you're inside, you're so busy following the white rabbit of exciting ideas and coming up with new what if's when things return to normal that your routine may have gone out the window or down the rabbit hole with you.

This week's full moon is lighting up your shared resources so note who's offering to sign onto a mutually beneficial relationship right now.

You'll have a sense of emotions underlying daily exchanges, take note and don't gloss over then; however, keep it pleasant all the same—our nervous systems could do with a gentle approach right now.

The full moon culminating in your philosophy zone will have you looking for the broader meaning to the mayhem and spotting ways you can still expand your horizons without having to get your passport stamped.

Put your cards on the table and strike the balance that's right for you in regard to "me" time, and the wonders of togetherness whether with that's your partner, roommate or family members.

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